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When you need a reminder your life is here and now

I’m not quite sure how time has slipped by me. It’s been three weeks since I’ve written you; it’s far too long.

I knew what I wanted to say in January: we talked about becoming who we want to be and forming the habits that will get us there. Then February came like a whirlwind. I blinked and it was gone. I kept telling myself, “I just need to get through February.”

To an extent, I was right: last month was crazy. I launched a beta version of an online course I’m creating. I traveled to Anaheim for work for 6 days. I’m in the process of a role transition with work, so I’m essentially doing 2 jobs there. And I started taking on freelance clients. Throw in a couple of sick days and my car getting totaled (I’m absolutely fine), and you get a very full month.

But March is starting off just as busy, reminding me this is to be expected. Life never stops happening. All the fast and slow seasons are part of its uneven rhythm. As in all things, it’s what I do with the season I’m in that matters.

Because while my schedule is crammed corner-to-corner, life is still happening in and around it. There are still people to be loved at home and at work and everywhere in between. There’s still a relationship with God to cultivate, day in and out. There are still chances to serve and bless others with words or little actions or just a smile.

And if I’m so caught up in my schedule that I miss it, I miss my own life.

This is my life, here and now and today. There is no other time. There is no moment but this in which to live.

Again and again, I’ve said I refuse to waste my life in discontent, longing for the next season or stage of life. For the most part, I’m pretty good about that. I’m looking forward to becoming parents and buying a house with my husband, but we aren’t ready for either of those yet, so I enjoy our nearly-paid-off condo and our time as a newly-married couple without kids.

It’s much more subtle when I’m holding out for next month, next week, or even just the weekend. Some seasons are nose-to-the-grindstone, just-keep-going seasons, and it’s okay to look forward to enjoying rest.

But my life is still happening in every nook and cranny of my over-full schedule.

And life looks like working hard on important dreams when I’d rather be sleeping. Or saying yes to laughing with my husband when I feel guilty for not working. Or squeezing a little more into the schedule to bless somebody going through a hard time.

We forget, don’t we? No matter how often we remind ourselves, we need to remember again: life is happening every moment. Good and hard moments, bored and just plain busy moments.

I need the reminder. Perhaps you do, too? Perhaps we need to see it every day, a reminder to live and breathe every moment in awareness of this life we’ve been given. A reminder that it’s here and now and today.

So I made this for us, to sit on our desks and remind us not to miss our lives.


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4 Replies

  1. Fiona

    As always, I love reading from you. Great reminder, life is happening here and now whether we want it or not.

    1. Thank you so much, Fiona!


    Sarah – you never stop to amaze me with your positive outlook !. Thank you for the reminder. Benn (Johannesburg, ZA)

    1. Thanks, Benn. I just know I need the reminders, so I want to share ❤️

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