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Just a Little Weekend Update

Well, friends, it has been an exciting few weeks for me and this corner of the online world. 2016 is already surprising me with its twists and turns: unforeseen opportunities, new friends, old stories being told and healing I didn’t know I needed.I’m amazed to discover some of the things that will make their way to these pages in coming weeks, stories of grace and goodness I didn’t think I would share.

Fear is a dirty liar, telling me it’s better not to be vulnerable in these pages. But I believe in being generous with our stories. Hope comes when we see it working in others’ lives; we find our way when others throw light on the path. So, expect some honest stories and struggles here in the coming weeks, things like hope and depression, confidence and calling and singleness and who knows what else.

Finally, I’m working on a little something for you all – my first little e-book to share some words with the world. It’s being made with love and prayers and even some tears. If you want to be sure not to miss out when it’s ready, please sign up for email updates from me. (Don’t worry, I hate spam, too! I’ll treat you and your email address the way I want to be treated)

In case you missed some of the cool things that happened this week, here they are:

Steve Austin shared an incredible story of meeting the real Jesus in the midst of his deepest darkness. If you missed that post, you definitely want to check it out here: The One Thing That Saved Me After My Suicide Attempt. Steve’s wife, Lindsey, also writes beautifully at Middle Places, and you can read her side of the story here. Broken stories with beautiful endings are my very favorite, and this is the story Steve and Lindsey tell.

I was so honored and humbled to guest post on two different blogs this week!

Another new friend, Kenny Broom, writes about leadership and character. He’s passionate about helping leaders grow and find purpose. He was kind enough to let me share a bit about the mundane routines that change us. Check out Kenny’s blog and my post here: Habits Over Goals: One Simple Secret to Transforming Your Life in 2016. Also, watch for Kenny to show up here in the coming week!

I also had the opportunity to write at A Woman Trusting God with Jayna Coppedge. Jayna writes about the simple, everyday choices to trust God. She’s also busily working on writing her book(!) and allowed me to share on a subject precious to me: How to Find Hope When Discouragement Creeps In. Hope is one of my most valuable possessions, and I hope you find a little encouragement there.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up so we can be email pals if you want to be first to hear about new posts and exciting news. That’s all for now! It means the world that you take your time to visit and read these words.



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  1. So many things to check-out! I will take it slowly but I will read them because your guest (Steve) was incredible. Thank you for your effort and I will be waiting for your eBook!

    It is amazing what this journey can offer us. I hope you find all those opportunities useful =) Take care!

    1. This really is an incredible journey, Alba! Thanks for taking the time to take a look 🙂 Steve is super awesome, and so is his wife, Lindsey. Glad you liked it!

  2. I am just so very proud of you. You rock, Mrs. Light-in-a-dark-place. Your heart is for the good in everyone and hope seeps from your pores.

    The next time we’re in Nashville, there will be a hanging out! You have no choice!! 🙂

  3. Hm. My first comment didn’t post.

    Just want to say (again) how proud I am of you. And thankful for your friendship. And excited to see all the amazing ways God continues to use you.

    It’s because HOPE seeps from your pores!

    1. Hey Steve! Somehow your comments got stuck in my spam folder :-/ Thank you so much! And we are DEFINITELY hanging out next time you guys are in Nashville! You guys are amazing!

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