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Tell me how to serve you better: Survey

Wherever you are, whoever you are, this is for you.

These words are all for you. I’ve always poured words onto pages for myself, but I started this blog almost two years ago because of a whisper in my heart and a hope to serve others.

So much has happened in that time – we’ve grown and lived a lot of life together, haven’t we? I’ve moved, changed jobs, worked hard at healing, fell in love and became a bride.

And you’ve shared with me, stories of your triumphs and tragedies, heartaches and losses and joys. Through all of this, I’ve written for you, praying these simple words have blessed you.

If our hearts have connected through these words, I want to hear from you. My goal is to serve you better. Tell me about your heart and needs, your longings and dreams and what holds you back. Tell me what has helped you, what you could do without. Will you help me?

Right here in the comments, via the contact form at the bottom or even emailing me (, will you tell me what you want to hear from me?

(If you don’t know what to say, you could answer one of these questions:)

What are your dreams and questions, fears and aches?

What makes it hard to hope, to keep going?

What do you wish someone would be vulnerable enough to talk about, so you can whisper, “me too”?

Are there things I’ve said that have resounded with you that you want to know more about?

Are there practical things that you can’t quite master, like dealing with hard thoughts, cultivating hope, clinging to the good, finding little ways to make the world around you better?

What encouragement do you need?

Bottom line, I want to use this space to make your life better. I want to help you live more fully and with greater impact and fulfillment right now, whether life is lovely or mundane or hard.

Because I believe in you and your right now, messy and imperfect, in-between life, and I want to help you create space for joy and hope and meaning.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

PS, Don’t forget you can reach me via email, this contact form, or the comments! I promise to read every one and look forward to your suggestions, requests and wisdom.

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