Beautiful Between

living fully in the now & not yet

You’re full of beauty, meant to be shared. Is it time to put it out there?

You are full of beauty meant to be shared. There is wisdom you’ve gained in hard-won battles. There is strength that’s been forged in the flames of adversity.

Don’t you think it’s time to share?


I think about you often. I wonder about the dreams and desires you keep tucked away and what’s holding you back. Sure, you want to make something happen, but there are such pressing needs. So you’re trying to keep commitments, keep plates spinning, maybe just keep breathing.

There’s always tomorrow for those secret hopes...but tomorrow often looks just like today.

Isn’t your soul getting tired? Yeah. Mine, too.

Our hearts beat this rhythm: we want more than this one-foot-in-front-of-the-other life.

It’s so hard to find beauty and meaning in the mundane and the mess. We get stuck between today and that hoped-for future, while something inside just wants to know our lives matter.

Of course, you’ve heard this, but it bears repeating: your life does matter. Right here, right now.

All that meaning can be hard to see, tucked among broken pieces and boring routines. But it’s there.

Where do I find it?

I’ve spent my life with a longing ache, looking for that meaning. I just want my life to matter. I want to hear the “well done.” I want to leave this busted-up world better than I found it. And I’m pretty certain you do, too.

We’ve tried it all, haven’t we? We’ve worked hard, been good, tried to do all the right things (and often failed), but we’re still drained and still nursing those secret dreams. But I’m becoming convinced that can change.

I write words of hope here for one simple reason: I believe everyone can live a rich life full of wholeness, joy, and purpose. And this changes the world, one life at a time.

This belief dresses up in my stories and words, spun solely to help you live that rich, beautiful life. And that life? It’s not only meaningful for you and those closest to you; it ripples out across time and space, touching lives for generations.

Perhaps it sounds dramatic, but once we create a lifestyle of chasing wholeness, cultivating joy, and pursuing purpose, we walk with a new grace. We are better able to speak life into others when we’re experiencing that life.

It’s time to share your life and your light.



Two years ago, I sat on my roommate’s beat-up, orange chaise lounge in a puddle of sunlight. I quieted myself, cradled the hot mug in my hand, and listened.

It’s time to invest in your writing.

Okay, sure. Whatever.  I thought this meant time, energy.

But a few hours later I found myself watching training by Jeff Goins, and things started to shift.

“You don’t build a platform so the world can make much of you,” he said. “but so you can change the world.”

My ears perked up and I began to listen. This is what I want. I want to reach people. I want to change the world.

(Jeff’s doing some more training this week, so if you’re interested in checking it out, click here)

I didn’t realize I was starting a journey that would lead to much deeper wholeness, greater contentment and joy, and purpose through opportunities to speak into people’s lives like this.

So what is is for you? Where do you find the greater joy, wholeness, and purpose in your life?

If, like me, that’s in writing, I can’t recommend Jeff Goins enough. He’s helped thousands of people build careers out of writing, and he also speaks to those at the very beginning of their journey. He’s doing some amazing webinars this week – if you have any inkling of wanting to write, this is worth your time.

If it’s not in writing, look around and find where your soul sings most. And do what you need to in order to invest in yourself.

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  1. Anastasija at Thirsty for Tan

    Great article! I love the way you emphasize the importance of sharing our beauty and wisdom with the world. It’s truly inspiring. Do you have any tips on how to start putting ourselves out there and making a difference?

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